Sharing The Love of Music
Sharing The Love of Music

Private in-home instruction in a variety of musical instruments including piano, brass, and woodwinds.

Group music classes with cross-curricular learning in math, science, history and language.

Individualized lessons and courses based on particular interests, strengths, and educational goals.

Why Choose Sharing The Love of Music
  • Lead instructor with a BA in Music Education and over 13 years of teaching experience in public schools and in-home private lessons.
  • Custom lesson plans developed based on students particular interests, strengths, and educational goals.
  • Music education with cross-curricular lessons in math, science, history, and language.
  • Curriculum tailored to teach students to examine, feel, explore, and meaningfully engage the world through music.
  • In-home courses to improve children's math, reading, and abstract reasoning skills through music.

Music instruction is integral to nurturing a lifelong love of learning. We offer music lessons to students in an innovative, engaging manner that stimulates creativity and gives children opportunities to thoughtfully and naturally explore the world they live in. We look forward to Sharing the Love of Music with your family.

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